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The Time J. Edgar Hoover Enlisted the Army to Assist in a Nationwide Manhunt

The bullet that pierced the heart of Patrolman Joe Zanella in a small Pennsylvania town was the opening moment of a crime story with few parallels.

It wasn’t the robberies, rapes, the daring escape or even the cop killing that catapulted Stanley Barton Hoss to the FBI’s most wanted man, but it was the broad daylight kidnapping of the lovely young mother and her child. In a nearly unprecedented step, J. Edgar Hoover enlisted the army to assist in a nationwide manhunt. An engaged public followed the drama by hour, day and week – and year to year … for when all thought the carnage was over, it wasn’t. And how Hoss struck again, in virtually impossible circumstances, and who fell, brought a governor to a funeral and provoked racial divide in a county.

Distinguished by Hoss’s  exceptional cruelty, heartbreak and landmark trials, this story about a resolute criminal is one of superlatives, thick with intrigue, blunder and surprise. It was a guess which legislature more often referenced Stanley Hoss as the perfect reason for capital punishment.

Beyond researching traditional sources and having been granted access to previously sealed state and federal archives, as well as Hoss’s most personal and revealing letters, the author has interviewed scores of individuals who lived the roles depicted on the pages of Born to Lose: Stanley B. Hoss & the Crime Spree That Gripped a Nation (True Crime History). Hoss’s victims of assault and rape, police and prison personnel, assorted cutthroats, the prosecution and defense, judges, the wife, mistress, all have talked for the first time on record.

Yet, it wasn’t precisely what Hoss did in Pennsylvania and Maryland, it was to whom and why and how that his reign of violence has sunk into the psyche of a region. This notable saga is a natural read for any true crime devotee, but will as well captivate an audience drawn to a dark tale that explores – and explains – how occasional human error and the very systems set in place to protect us can so easily be the cause for tragedy.

Police: Suspects used stolen guns to go on crime spree

By: WCTV Eyewitness News
November 16, 2018

BAINBRIDGE, Ga. (WCTV) — Bainbridge Public Safety has arrested three men in connection to the recent theft of more than a dozen guns from a Bainbridge business and a series of ensuing burglaries and armed robberies.

On Thursday, investigators arrested 22-year-old James Earl Jenkins and 23-year-old Michael Rashad Jones on charges of Possession of Firearms by a Convicted Felon and Burglary. Friday morning, investigators arrested a third suspect, DeMarcus Smith. He is being transported to the Decatur County Jail.

BPS says an investigation revealed the three broke into Flint River Outfitters on Monday night and stole 13 semi-automatic pistols. Police say the suspects were involved in multiple incidents involving firearms after the burglary occurred on Monday.

The first incident happened on Tuesday at the Jamestown Apartments. A resident said he heard a knock on his door around 9 p.m. and when he answered, he saw three

Read more at: https://www.wctv.tv/content/news/Suspects-arrested-in-Bainbridge-gun-thefts-armed-robberies-500696461.html

Suspect dies as police stop Durban beachfront crime spree

The swift reaction of policemen halted a crime spree by a gang of four men, one of whom was shot and killed, on Durban’s North Beach promenade on Thursday night.

Sources told TimesLIVE the men hijacked a minibus taxi in the city centre, then travelled to Durban’s lower Marine Parade.

Once on Durban’s Golden Mile, they robbed people at gunpoint.  When police officers responded, a shootout ensued, with one of the gunmen felled on the promenade.

Another man ran into the surf but was caught by officers who flooded the beachfront. Two others escaped on foot.

Divers from the police’s search and rescue unit have returned to the scene of the shooting to search the shoreline and seabed for evidence.

Read more at: https://www.timeslive.co.za/news/south-africa/2018-11-16-suspect-dies-as-police-stop-durban-beachfront-crime-spree/

Police arrest at least three in crime spree, one found hiding in garage near school

Police on Thursday arrested at least three people suspected in as many as 30 robberies after an hour-long search involving multiple agencies and the lockdown of a nearby elementary school.

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Three dead in wake of violent northshore crime spree

SLIDELL – Three people are dead and another is recovering in the hospital after a violent series of events on the northshore last week.

The violence began after Slidell Police responded to a suspected overdose Nov. 8 on Gwen Drive around 10:15 p.m. Detectives believe the woman’s son, 29-year-old Joshua Cox, soon learned of her overdose and asked his wife to take him to the hospital.

Authorities say that on the way to the hospital, Cox and his wife got into an argument, ending with Cox shooting her in the chest. Cox then dropped her off at the medical center and fled the scene in the vehicle.

Police began searching for Cox throughout the night and into the early morning. 

Cox wasn’t seen or heard from until around 4:30 a.m. the next morning when police responded to reports of a shots fired call at an apartment complex on Lee Street. At the scene, police

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2 Cumberland County men charged in crime spree that started in women’s clothing store

Police say a homeless man wielding a knife and another man using his father’s compact car as a getaway vehicle this week stole clothing and cash from a mall store, gas station and a man who was walking down the street.

James Jay Bradley Jr., 43, who is homeless, and Brandon Jerome Allen, 31, whose address on the 2300 block of Crosshill Street, Eastover, are each charged with three counts of robbery with a dangerous weapon, three counts of conspiracy and three counts of possession of stolen property.

Bail for each was set at $300,000.

Details of Bradley and Allen’s alleged crimes are documented in warrants, a police report and other public records.

The incidents began around 2 p.m. Tuesday when police say Bradley was the Lane Bryant women’s clothing store at Fayetteville’s Cross Creek Mall. Bradley is accused of going into the store  to steal coats and pants, according to warrants.

[PHOTOS: Cumberland

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‘Polite Bandit’ arrested following 33 day crime spree in Northwest Fresno – KFSN

For 33 days, Fresno police say Bryan Onyegegbu, 31, ran around Northwest Fresno robbing businesses while armed with a weapon.

“Each time our officers responded to these robberies they kept getting the same description,” said Fresno Police Lt. Dave Madrigal.

But authorities say it is what Onyegegbu said before demanding the cash that linked him to each crime.

“He was very polite and apologetic he would always say I’m sorry nothing personal I’ve got kids to feed but give me the money,” said Lt. Madrigal.

All of the robberies happened within a mile of each other.

The first one at a gas station on October 10.

Then Onyegegbu is accused of striking again at this Walgreens nearly two weeks later.

But it is his final stop at this Little Caesar’s pizza on Monday that hit home for Christina Sayaakhammy.

“It’s just getting dangerous.”

She works at the nail salon right next door and says because of the robbery her

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